Curriculum is a hard word

Today just a short update. I’m super excited creating a fun-packed learning plan for the first course in April. I’m really interested to see how much can be taught (and internalized) in 6 days. Ideally this should be a flexible plan with CCENT core material + some CCNA and even CCNP stuff on top if there’s enough time after 5pm each day. So those of you who see BGP – do not fear. This only covers the basics and is only there for completeness sake. I don’t want anybody who has attended my course to be unfamiliar with crucial routing concepts, but I cannot possibly expect anybody to be a BGP expert after a 6 days CCENT course. BGP is there so that you’re not afraid of your senior colleagues when they’re discussing their more expert-level stuff.

I expect I’ll finish the bird’s-eye view of the curriculum tomorrow and I’ll get down to detailed activity plans, which should take me around 2-3 months. I’ll keep you updated!



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