Exam time


Been a while since the last update but things have never been busier. I’ve passed CCDA and SIMOS, the latter was especially difficult. I’m still taking JNCIS-ENT soon, so I don’t think the courses will start in April as planned before. My current employer is sending me to Norway for a few weeks to launch a new maintenance contract so most likely the first course won’t start until September. But it’s for the better – I will have had more time to get everything ready by then.

As to SIMOS – can’t reveal much without violating NDA, but the exam is definitely more difficult than it would transpire from the exam scope on official exam pages. You need to really dig deep into the official documentation, plus the passmark is rather high. The quality of the exam is typically low and quite embarassing.

With SIMOS passed, I’m halfway through my CCNP security path so two more to go in 2016. I’m also planning to do my JNCIP and CCDP so that I can focus on CCIE entirely in 2017. Ambitious but doable.

Once back from Norway, I should be able to get the first remote rack running. I’ve found a place to run it from so it’s now just a question of assembling and configuring everything.

I’ll try to write a bit more next week after my next exam.


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