Building a home lab


Been a bit busy with my home lab. Here’s what i’ve managed so far:

  • got a public IP from Polkomtel
  • installed the sim card in a Huawei 593s
  • used an old 48 port Dell switch to connect to the Huawei router
  • created a basic 10-router, 6 switch topology to practise configurations for my new job
  • plugged all equipment into my new wonderful GemBird IP PDUs so that I can power on my equipment from the Internet
  • installed two new Cisco terminal servers 2509
  • ordered a second-hand 2621xm + NM-32 terminal server to plug in more devices in the future

I’m still missing a rack (cashflow!) but September looks promising.

Other than that, I’ve been preparing my crowdfunding campaign at It will take a while to cook cause of all the account verifications, but I might be able to actually launch the campaign late July / early August. Leaflets and posters are ready for printing, so this, too, waits for my next salary. Doesn’t everything…

Exam update: I’ve passed JNCIS-ENT. I’m taking SISAS on Wednesday. SITCS needs to wait until end of September or until I do more paid overtime 🙂

Tomorrow I’m finishing the lab so you may expect some diagrams and basic configs.



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