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It’s been a hectic few months but it’s been worth it.

  1. We now have a new website where you can buy our IT courses. This is something that I’ve been working on for the last 18 months but I never had time to actually make it real. Now me and my new business partner Dariusz Fedyk are working hard to get everything ready in time. If you buy now, you get a huge discount (>50%) so hurry up while stocks last 🙂
  2. We will be doing Cisco courses at WSB in Wroclaw. The first course starts in January but there’s also a demo that you can come and see still in December, see more details at
  3. We’re building a larger lab for our students: this is such a cool project and I will be posting more about the progress soon.
  4. I’ve passed CCNP Security! this took me about 18 months and while the exams themselves are not particularly well written, the experience overall was very good. I learnt a lot and I feel ready to take on CCDP in March next year (just before Junior is born.. which is even better news than this whole blog post put together)
  5. I quit my previous full-time job in June, which wasn’t surprising for anyone who knows me. My new job gives me much more freedom and the network is huge with 1000+ routers that I’m directly responsible for and which gives me plenty of room for self-improvement.





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