New lab part 2 – network plan


This is how I planned out what the network will look like during our classes. As you can see on the left handside, I plan to have 5 routers, 3 switches, 1 console server and 2 power strips. In case we need more devices, we can insert them into the empty slots (it’s a 19U rack). There will be 5 routers in each rack so that we can do VPN tunnels between R1 and R3, where R2, R4, and R5 will simulate ISPs. 3 switches will represent a standard office network; they’re interconnected so that we can practise spanning tree and portchannels.

On the right handside I quickly sketched the bird’s eye view on the entire network (there can be more than 3 racks if needed for larger groups, of course). Home users will be able to vpn into their racks, while classroom users will be divided into groups. Each group will connect to their separate wifi network, which will allow them to connect to their console server.

Additionally, I can power up and down each rack remotely using Gembird power strips (not in the picture), because each power strip is connected to a managed power slot on the Gembird (two racks per one Gembird only even though Gembirds have 4 managed power slots because my walls are getting strangely warm 🙂

I spent the whole day putting more memory into the 1841 routers, checking flash cards, IOS etc. I fixed one fan and discovered that something must have eaten one of the fans in a 1841 router.

My homework is rather obnoxious in that I need to make some 2ocm crossover cables and patchcords and I’m a bit clumsy. More than a bit, actually.

That’s all folks!




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