CiscoSEC 2016


Just a short post today because i’ve just come back from the CiscoSEC conference and I’m a tad tired. It was great to hear about all those new things happening in the security area: OpenDNS acquired by Cisco, ISE 2.1 with some really cool features like EasyConnect (eliminating problems with dot1x supplicants), posture&profiling enhancements, threat-centric NAC and so many others; finally the ubercool Cisco Stealthwatch… Then came the scary presentation showing how to use VBA (and social engineering) to take control of someone else’s computer. I’m never gonna click on anything anywhere. Even if it’s from my girlfriend 😉 Kudos to the guy from who demonstrated that everything can be hacked.

On a more personal level, I joined ISSA Poland and invited them to come and see the demo of the courses I’m going to run together with WSB. I’m really looking forward to that event (Dec 8!)


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