Blast from the past


Today I’m checking the 2509 access servers. I was a bit apprehensive because they’d been in my cupboard for a while and I don’t think I ever checked them when I bought them (cheaply!) Anyways, I powered them on and they both froze on bootup. I sent the break command and went into a very ancient ROMMON. I never thought I would use the o/r command again – life can be so funny sometimes. Anyways, the o/r 0x2142 <enter> i <enter> commands helped and I was able to boot the routers. I lucked out and found 8 async octal cables in the cupboard, too. Blimey, do I have useful stuff there!

This got me thinking if I would be able to start an Atari game if I bought one. Start+Option? Was that how you did it?

I’m now booting the 2651xm + NM-32A which will function as two more access servers. Keep your fingers crossed.




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