More, more, and even more

Hello again

This week we’re getting hold of all the missing bits for Rack2, which means frantic ebay shopping for cables, memory expansion cards, NM modules, flash cards. It’s become a bit tedious because rack2 is basically a copy of rack1, so I thought that with each next rack, I’ll try to introduce small modifications. I’m thinking 2504 wireless controllers for rack3 and rack4 (April/May) and some voice equipment for rack5 and rack6 (September/October).

In the meantime, the 3560v2 with the 15.0 software have arrived but I don’t feel like taking stuff out of Rack1 again, so I’ll put them in Rack2 and Rack3. I also got those ginormous 3745s (so much space for modules!), 2821s and 2851s. They’re a bit heavy so I’ll use only one of those per rack. I didn’t actually calculate in their weight (ebay night shopping…when mind sleeps, hands order chunky routers) so in the future I’ll be ordering only small 8xx routers with 15.4+ IOS. Less power consumption, small and not as heavy, recent IOS.



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