Rack2- more RAM for the routers


Today we’re preparing Rack2. The memory cards and the CF reader have arrived so I can add 256mb more memory to the 1841s and replace the IOS in a comfy way (i don’t like using tftp for that). It’s just 5 minutes per router so i’m quite happy I can finally prepare routers for the classes the way they should be prepared – packed with memory, new IOS, clean config.

I’m going to use the 2509 access router for this rack because i’m only putting 3 switches and 5 routers in it. Rack3 on the other hand will have up to 12 devices so i’m going to use a 2621xm+NM-32A/S for that.

Kaziu is actually making the rackmount kits (such a pain to find them) so I don’t know what I would do without him 🙂

Anyways, I’m ordering more memory chips and that’ll be it for today.

Next weekend I’m going make the supershort RJ45 to connect everything in Rack1 and Rack2 and i’ll start both of them up.





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