CCDP exam countdown starts as official guide is already out on Safari!


As you might know, I’m a big fan of Safari. I’m now preparing for the revised CCDP exam so I was pleasantly surprised when I found the official guide on Safari – one month before the official release date! Nice!!!

I’m hoping to take the exam sometime in March. My plan is to go through the whole CCIE R&S material (which covers a lot of material from CCDP), read the CCDP book plus read as many Cisco validated designs as I can. CCDA was a bit of a challenge because it had some legacy technologies that Cisco should have buried a long time ago so maybe the revised CCDP will actually feature some real-life scenarios.  I’ve learnt not to be overly optimistic about the quality of Cisco exams (their NDAs should say ”don’t diss the quality of our exams publicly”) Sorry Cisco – I guess I still hold a grudge about that faulty routing lab you gave me in 2014.


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