DSL usernames and passwords for PPP in Telekom


I was connecting an 886 VA-J Cisco router do a DSL line in Germany the other day and I learnt some useful stuff:

  • if you do not use their Digitalisierungsbox as the modem, you need to get a TAE>RJ11 adapter. TAE end goes to the DSL cube with the cables that the technician installs in your wall, and the RJ11 goes to the VDSL port on your router.
  • it turned out that the syntax for dialer settings is a bit funny. So when they send you a piece of paper with some numbers (Anschlusskennung, T-online-nummer, Mitbenutzernummer, Kennwort), you are actually supposed to use them as follows:


So if Anschlusskennung is 11111111, Tonlinenummer is 222222222222 and Mitbenutzernummer is 0001, Kennwort is 3333333, your chap hostname should be:


And the whole config is as follows

interface ATM0
 no ip address
 load-interval 60
 no atm ilmi-keepalive
interface ATM0.7 point-to-point
 pvc 1/32 
  bridge-dot1q encap 7
  pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

interface Dialer1
 ip address negotiated
 no ip directed-broadcast 
 encapsulation ppp 
 dialer pool 1 
 dialer-group 1 
 ppp authentication chap callin 
 ppp chap hostname 11111111222222222222#0001@t-online.de
 ppp chap password 333333


If you don’t get an ip address, turn the PPP debug on (debug PPP packet, debug PPP events) and put your thinking cap on, too 🙂



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