How to learn and how we do it


What portals do I use to learn?

  • INE
  • CBT nuggets
  • Chris Bryant’s Bulldog courses at
  • Skilsoft

It’s difficult to say which one I prefer, because it depends on the level you’re at. If you’re starting, get a subscription at or get Chris Bryant’s course. If you’ve already passed CCNP, probably INE should be the logical next step. Skilsoft courses are a bit different in that there’s more theory and less practice but i’ve found that they can be more indepth in certain areas (e.g. security) than CBT’s equivalents, although INE will usually offer the most depth. CBT is a nice primer if you know nothing and you want to get a feel of what’s coming up.

Something to bear in mind is that before an actual exam you need to read Cisco documentation because a lot of topics don’t come up in any course, sometimes because Cisco didn’t actually specify a given topic in their exam blueprints, sometimes because the trainer didn’t think that the topic was important enough or quite the opposite – a topic could be too complex and they didn’t think that the exam would go into that much detail (SIMOS exam is the best example here where the exam is soooo much more comprehensive than what blueprint says).

Of course, lab up anything you’ve learnt because you will be amazed at how fast you forget stuff you don’t use. Commands are best learnt with your fingers, not with your eyes.


Lastly, don’t exaggerate with the pace. 1-2h of learning a day is probably the absolute maximum for people with some personal life. ”Speed runs” are good only for a short time, I guess. (divorce rates appear to be distinctly higher in CCIE holders)


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