Testing Rack 1 for the demo

Today I spent like whole day connecting rack 1. I made an absolute mess with the cabling because I was in a hurry but other than that the rack is ready. I had a bit of a setback with the LAN power strip because it failed right after I came back home so I’m gonna have to replace it before the demo on Thursday but it looks like I will be able to use the rack during the demo!

The next step is to set up VPN on the ASA firewall + install a PC that will serve as a monitoring station (logs, tftp, snmp, etc.).

The side effect of today’s work is that I have enough stuff for Rack3 – I bought some more routers in November and I unpacked them today.

The big plan is to start selling a rack rental service in January. It would be a pity to have a pile of equipment turned off 80% of the time.


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