Demo day drawing near

It was actually a lot of fun preparing the powerpoint for my demo on Thursday and it let me realized just how little can be done in 2 hours. I’m planning to set up one router, one switch and one access point, explaining how these things work while i’m configuring the equipment. There’s also some bonus stuff I may do if I still have time left (access-lists, showing how terminal server works etc.) but I don’t think that’s doable.

I’ve also gone through the actual configuration steps to make sure that I don’t forget anything. It quickly turned out that I will not be able to use the Gembird power strip because it behaves erratically and I can’t have things behaving randomly during my presentation. I’m gonna use:

  • Dovado router in bridge mode + Huawei Modem to provide 4G internet access
  • 1841 router as the network edge router
  • 3560v2 switch as the access layer switch
  • D-link DIR-300 modem in AP mode

I’d love to show how VPNs work so I’ll also try to make a tunnel to my remote rack but only if i have 10 minutes left at the end. As you can see, I’m really excited about this event because there’s so much to show and so little time!

Tomorrow I’m going to record the presentation as an .avi so that you can download the presentation and view it at your leisure.


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