CCDP preparation status and what’s coming up in 2017

I still have about 2 months to prepare for CCDP and everything is going as per plan. I’m about 2/3 into the CCIE R&S course ( partly to revise for CCDP, partly to prepare for CCIE R&S written), I’ve started reading the CCDP official guide. I may revisit the cbtnuggets CCDP course, too, because Jeremy has added some new units after the CCDP exam changed. If I still  have time, I may read some CVDs (Cisco Validated Designs), but I don’t want to actually overprepare because 60-90 minutes a day is the absolute maximum I can do these days without getting fed up with my learning/life ratio.

Now the end of 2016 is drawing near so here’s a short summary:

  • I’ve passed 5 exams (CCDA, JNCIS-ENT, SIMOS, SISAS, SITCS)
  • I’ve changed my job and it turned out to be a good move
  • I’ve found a partner for my business and in the last 4 months we’ve managed to push forward quite a bit (website, racks, leaflet design etc.), we’re in a discussion with a major IT player to be a technology partner for our courses
  • I’ve had some interesting experiences like the 4 week stay in Oslo to help their local network provider

All in all, a really good year!

And here’s a tentative schedule for 2017:

  • CCDP exam in late February (edit Feb 19: PASSED!!!)
  • first ad campaign starting in mid March
  • first network courses in mid April
  • e-learning platform launch in May/June
  • remote rack rental service launch in July
  • 2nd run of network courses in September
  • CCIE R&S written in October/November
  • first CCIE lab attempt in December/January 2018

I’m really excited about this plan because i’ve never had so much stuff happening both in my personal and work life. I guess that I’ll be over the moon if I can do 75%. Anything above will be a tremendous achievement.


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