Job interviews


Once in a while I’m asked to join a job interview as a network engineer. Unfortunately, I usually want to run out of the room as soon as the candidate starts answering my questions. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for network engineer wannabes.


  • know at least something. Most of the questions for low level openings are quite standard. You will be asked about spanning tree, about basic differences between eigrp and ospf, why rip is no longer used. You might be asked to calculate a subnet for a given host. How long can it take to prepare? A week? A month? And even if it’s a bit more, what is a month compared to the lifelong career in networks (not to mention a good salary)?
  • tell the interviewer why you’d enjoy the job you’re applying for. At least appear honest.
  • tell the interviewer about your plans related to the job you’re applying for. It could be a course that you’ve been wanting to take, it could be a lab that you’re setting up at the moment



  • say that knowledge is in books and it’s enough to know the table of contents (true story!!!) and besides you can look it up on the internet
  • say that you picked IT because what you’d really like to do in life is not well-paid or too difficult (another true story)
  • start talking about your private life when you’re asked about your worst defeat. The question is more about your job experience… It’s a bit awkward when you start to talk about how your sister has been mean to you and you can’t deal with that
  • say Cisco certificates are a stupid thing to have
  • say you have practical experience with networks because you once called your telecom and they came and fixed your router
  • say that ”i’ve been asked the same question when I applied for a job at XXX” if you just failed to answer this particular question. It just goes to show that you’re not improving as a network engineer.


And most of all, please don’t share your idiosyncratic philosophies such as: ”when i go to a job interview, i prefer not to do any research because I think it brings bad luck”.

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