The great CCIE adventure


As my CCDP preparations are drawing to an end, and the exam is in 4 weeks time, as usual around one month before I’ve started to ask myself: What next? Some would say it’s a bit premature but I like to segue smoothly from one exam to another without any major celebratory breaks. I figure that if I pass CCIE I will have enough time to celebrate big time. Wolf of Wall Street style 😉 i’ll buy one of them Lamborghinis, too.

The plan is as follows:

  • first learn the delta between CCNP and CCIE. I’ve sort of done that because i’ve watched INE R&S as a revision for my CCDP. I will have finished by the end of February
  • map INE videos to the workbook and watch one or two videos at a time followed by their workbook technology labs. I assume this should take 12-15 months
  • read some CCIE development books from Cisco press somewhere down the road
  • do more labs (foundation and mock exam labs)
  • finish off with a bootcamp at the end of 2018
  • take CCIE written in January 2019 and the lab soon after that



I hope that by documenting this process, I will be able to help others in the future. Who knows – maybe I’ll even write a short book about that?

The road goes ever on…

#update Feb 26, 2018.

It’s funny how plans are only plans… I actually took CCIE written in November 2017. I’m deep in labs now so January 2019 for the lab still stands.


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