CCIE progress report 1

Progress: 2%

Currently doing: INE CCIE videos and labs, i’m using my own remote hardware lab

General conclusions:

Once again I’ve realized how important focused labs are. I was absolutely sure I knew everything about VTP and hey it turns out I didn’t! The logical debug command would be debug vtp events or something similar but it isn’t! It’s actually debug sw-vlan vtp events. So even though I already made the decision to do all the labs irrespective or whether i thought i was good at some area, i now know it was a very good decision. After the first 10 days of learning i’ve done about 2%, which is about right. Besides, for a few days everything was a bit hazy because of the baby ( yay!!! THE BABY! ), but i’m slowly learning how to interleave changing diapers with troubleshooting stp. Besides, reading the hobbit to the baby is way more fun than anything i’ve done. But I figure that march 2018 is still doable as my CCIE deadline because i’m more focused now.

Problems: Not all of my switches support VTP v3. I guess it’s time to finish the other rack and interconnect them.





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