Road to CCIE


I’m about 40% into the INE videos (which I’m watching for the second time). This time i’m making detailed notes about each video and I can already see that watching them again was a good idea because I can understand much more than before. It all seems easy peasy now.

At the same time I’m reading Narbik’s CCIE 5.0 vol 1, which is turning out to be as comprehensive as I thought it would be. I’m highlighting like crazy 😉 Chapter about STP has so much detail it makes you want to weep.

I’ve also made a list of the books that I’m planning to read before CCIE written (thank God for Safaribooks)

narbik ccie vol 1                         

narbik ccie vol 2                         

routing tcp/ip vol 1                     

routing tcp/ip vol 2                     

ipv6 theory, protocol and practice

mpls fundamentals                     

End-to-End QoS                         

developing ip multicast networks  

<some book or two about BGP>


I’ll probably add some stuff to allow for the revised 5.1 CCIE later.

Finally, I’m going to enroll on Narbik’s CCIE written online course in November (real treat at $899).

If all goes well, I’m taking my CCIE written around November/December but this may change because of the new job I got.




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