Rack 2 ready


I’ve finished the second part of my home lab, which means I now have about 4 switches and 12 routers to play with. It’s still not the full CCIE lab, but I’m planning to set up the other 12 routers on an esx host.


I used a 2509 as a terminal server so I can play with this lab without worrying about losing access. I’ve used gembird again as my power strip so I can turn the lab on remotely (lower bills! ). I’m using a huawei 593 as the edge router.

In the next step I will reintroduce my trusty ASA 5520 to guard both racks, a raspberry pi 3 to run python scripts on and an ESX host to run CSR1000v virtual routers. I’ll share more details soon.

I still have enough equipment left to set up a third rack if needed, but I guess I might set it up only to sell it on to ccna students. For now, my CCIE lab is ready to rock.


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