learning for CCIE… evolving technologies


Evolving technologies are a new addition to the CCIE written curriculum. The main problem is that at this moment nobody really knows how to learn it from a practical standpoint. I’m lucky enough to have access to safari and skillport so (loosely) based on https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-29253 I’ve compiled a list of stuff i’m planning to watch and read before the exam. I’m hoping to go beyond what Cisco expects the ccie students to master, which is theory only. What I want to do is at least become vaguely familiar with implementing NSX, because there are so many technologies that it’s probably good to choose one specific technology and really learn the stuff.


  1. safaribooks: introduction to SDN
  2. skillport SDN Essentials:
  3. safaribooks cldfnd
  4. Cisco live presentations about SDN
  5. Data center virtualization fundamentals
  6. skillport clfdfnd
  7. skillport Vmware NSX network virtualization
  8. Designing networks and servces for the cloud
  9. ine: Introduction to SDN & openflow
  10. ine: introduction to open vswitch
  11. n) ine: learn SDN with openflow and ryu controller

I’ve managed to do the first two courses and while they offer a gentle introduction into what SDN is all about (controller, spine-leaf, APIs, unicorn tears in futuristic chips, blahblahblah) , i’ve yet to see something I can actually use at work in the future. I’m plodding my way through the Safaribooks cldfnd course trying not to fall asleep. I’ve also watched the first Cisco live presentation from the cisco list ( BRKDEV-2003 – Programming the Network: Let’s Get Started ) and it actually gave me a lot of ideas about what I need to learn to automate my network or to do SDN. Well worth watching.



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