Testing Packet.net step 1: deployment


I’m a bit tired of learning the theory for CCIE written, so i’ve decided to do something new and practical. I’ve registered at Packet.net, which is a PaaS/SaaS cloud solution and i’m going to have some fun with it. I want to set up an ESX on it and do some virtual networks. I will test a few virtual products like vWSA and ESAv, ASAv, IOSv, ISEv.

The first step is the registration process, for which you need a credit card.

Aaargh..the first hurdle is that i’m leaving through a german proxy (don’t ask why), so packet.net thought something is fishy and needs another few minutes to confirm my account manually. Can’t wait.

Ok, once it confirmed whatever it had to confirm, i was able to log in.

As a test, i chose a type 0 server (only $0.05/h) and ESX5.5 hypervisor). I used puttygen to generate an SSH private/public keypair. Deploy!

Now wait until the yellow bar goes from left to right.




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