learning for CCIE… next steps


Today i’ve reached a major milestone in my path towards CCIE because i’ve finished watching INE videos!!! I’ve actually watched the whole course twice, which means 210hours of watching Brian.

Therefore, it’s time to move on to crunching through the required reading list. I’m 2/3 into the CCIE 5.0 vol.1 book by Narbik so vol1 + vol 2 should take me another two months to finish. In the meantime I need to sort out my lab because I can no longer use the house i’m now storing all the stuff in. Once I finish moving it (end of July?) I’ll start doing the labs. Fortunately, everything is very quiet work-wise so at work I can focus 100% on learning AND i’m getting paid for this. I’m never leaving this company :))




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