CCIE vol.1 by Narbik Kocharians

I’ve had some extra time so i’ve finished vol.1 of CCIE v5.0 by Narbik. After i finished, i did the ”did you know” quizzes and to my disappointment, i could only score 50% on average. Hence, a few conclusions need to be drawn:

  • i need to make notes while reading because the learning curve is steeper than I thought.
  • i need to read both volumes twice. I will be reading other books and rereading vol.1 , say 5 pages a day
  • I can only read about 20 pages a day without losing focus. This will actually be good for my work-life balance, which has been extremely distorted for the last few years
  • I need to do some more work on IS-IS, because this is something i’ve hardly ever worked with. I don’t think i’ve seen a good course on IS-IS anywhere on the internet
  • I need to lab up those tricky corner cases like OSPF stub router (not areas), EIGRP add-path, NSF, ospf sham links etc.


So the next step is to read vol.2 while rereading volume 1. In the meantime I’m watching cisco ipv6 livelessons „design and deployment”, which is turning out to be way easier than I thought it would be. I’ve only seen the first two lessons though, so we’ll see how it goes.



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