Is Cisco losing it?


I’ve read an interesting article on Cisco exams at and i must say I fully agree with all those guys say. I’ve passed 10+ cisco exams and the only times I felt I was getting my money’s worth was ICND1 and ICND2. They were fair, they tested my knowledge of real world scenarios and I didn’t feel I was being cheated. CCNP R&S were not bad, either, but some stuff didn’t work, I got some funny questions that I could tell hadn’t been updated for years, but overall the experience was ok. But guys – security exams are a mess, design exams are a laughing stock – you basically took some (most?) questions from R&S and dumped them into the new exam, while retaining some questions on some really old technologies.

This downhill slide is beginning to worry me in the context of my CCIE written. I’ve decided to set my first attempt around October 30 to test the waters. If the exam turns out to be as bad as its reputation, I think I’ll switch to Juniper exams. Let’s find out.


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