Cheapest portable gray-area cisco lab ever


This is something i’ve come across today and it seems like a great idea.

To create this lab, you need:

  • a minipc with 8gb ram minimum, this being the cheapest portable thing i’ve ever seen with 8gb ram
  • ubuntu as the operating system
  • GNS3
  • cisco images extracted from their virl or bin images with iourc license generated by the python script- google is your friend here. This is the gray area but hey – this is for learning purposes so i don’t really care about Cisco’s greed. More Cisco engineers = more profits for Cisco anyway so …

Just remember to take a a small keyboard and mouse, a vga>hdmi adapter with you, ,because most hotels have TVs with hdmi inputs and you’re ready to go!

Now for a really portable solution where you can lab up on the go, you can get this Acer minilaptop, install ubuntu on it, and set up small topologies (up to 10-12 routers, I suppose).




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