CCIE written exam booked for Aug 30


I’ve booked the exam for end of August. I may still postpone it, so it’s not like it’s set in stone or something. I’ve had a change of heart today because I looked at how much i’ve been learning for this exam and it’s been over 9 months. I can give myself two more months but that’s it. From Sept 1 onwards i’m going to focus on labs only.

So here’s a short plan for the next two months:

  • read CCIE vol.1 and vol.2 again
  •  watch Cisco presentations about evolving technologies
  • read through CCIE R&S notes

I had to fork out $450 so i’m not thrilled about the idea of failing. I will reevaluate my chances around Aug 25 and we’ll see. I’m keen to start off with the labs big time so I can’t keep on postponing the exam for after October 2017.

Obviously, i’ve left out some items from the original plan. These I’m going to read /watch after Aug 30 (and until Dec 30, 2018)



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