Upgrading a legacy PC

This is what I do when I’m fed up with prepping for the exam


Unfortunately, the mobo is a really old BTX foxconn $&%! so i can’t do much here without ditching it. At the moment, the PC has:

  • foxconn generic mobo
  • 255w power supply
  • e7200 core 2 duo
  • 4gb ram
  • some shite hdd drive
  • fx 380 graphics card


The plan is as follows:

  • I will upgrade from a 255W power supply to a 305W power supply (20 PLN)
  • i’ll upgrade the mobo to f 428d (90PLN)
  • i’ll get an SSD drive (230PLN)
  • i’ll get 2 more ram chips to have a total of 8gb
  • i’ll swap the cpu for a core 2 quad 9550 (4000pkt for 150PLN) or quad 8400 (2800pkt for 50PLN). Current e7200 has 1600pkt so even a quad 8400 will almost double the speed. power consumption will rise from 65W to 95W, but the power supply upgrade will compensate for this.
  • some low-power graphics (gt 340? 160 PLN). At 69W it’s 30 watts more than fx380 but again, the power supply will be better. GT340 (776pkt) is much more powerful than fx380 (158pkt).
  • I’ll get a PCix1 USB 3.0 card (PLN) to which i’ll connect the awesomest raidsonic icybox docking station IB-DK2651AC (800 PLN but worth every penny). This is ubercool.

In total, i’m planning to spend about 950PLN over 12 months, maybe less if i hunt for bargains. I’m not counting the docking station, because it’s an external thing (:D

I’d love to change the boring case but hey, in those days (BTX $%&!) they didn’t appreciate the design that much. The Boitier BTX cases are still available, though 🙂




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