PC upgrade part 2…

So after the weekend, the PC is ready. It has a slightly better power supply (305W) and a new operating system (fedora). The motherboard is on its way so i’ll be replacing it next month. Then i’ll put in a new hard drive (october), more memory (december), GPU (february).
In the meantime, i’m also upgrading my trusty Samsung R780, but since i don’t have the tools to upgrade laptops, i have it done by a PC guy. I’m putting in an SSD drive, more memory (4>8), and a new CPU (i3-380 > i7-640). The latter is a bit risky because it involves a BIOS upgrade. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve had the laptop since 2010 so i’m a bit attached to it. I’ll also get two expresscards 3/4, one with a serial port (playing with Cisco), and one with a USB 3.0, so that I can swap them when needed.
Finally, i’m planning to upgrade my HTPC soon, too. I need an SSD drive + maybe a memory upgrade (16>32gb). I’ve ordered a proper PT 4port intel card for it already to test ESX on it (built in e2200 killer NIC doesn’t work with ESX). The case here is the biggest limitation, because it’s an HTPC.

All these upgrades (and research) made me toy with the idea of building a custom computer case. It’s way more fun than what I usually do. Who knows.


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