Back to square (almost) one

I’ve put off my exam until Dec 28. While reading ipv6 fundamentals during the weekend, i realized that too much material was new to me. I panicked and hit the brakes.

So, the plan for the next 18 months or so is as follows:

  • CCIE written on Dec 28; I need to concentrate to ipv6, SDN, multicast, IS-IS and MPLS
  • I’m starting with the labs already because i need to do something practical
  • I’m planning the first lab exam attempt around june next year, with the second attempt (positive thinking sucks) near December 2018 / feb 2019 by the very latest. I’m not planning to fail on the second attempt 😀

Remaining CCIE written TO-DOs:


IPv6 Fundamentals v.2


ipv6 Security (Vyncke)   OR understanding ipv6 3rd ed



IP Multicast vol.1, 2016

Cisco live presentations



bootcamp CCIE written online (narbik) Nov 2017

tcp/ip vol.1     (revision)



tcp/ip vol.2


January (to be squeezed in Dec if doable)

some book on IS-IS




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