Putting IPv6 URL in the browser tab


Browsers interpret colons as port numbers, e.g. means: go to http port of

So how should we type in ipv6 address? It has a lot of colons in between the hextets?

e.g 2001:aaaa:bbbb:cccc::1

You can’t put it in your browser because it will look at the address and think that the user is crazy.

The answer is: (taadaaaaam)



Of course, this will work only if our ISP provides ipv6 addresses or if you do some 4 to 6 translation techniques. However, it is more likely that the first (ISP providing dual stack) happens first and you will be doing native 4 to 4 traffic or (eventually) 6 to 6. I doubt there will be situations where ipv4 only hosts need to communicate with ipv6 only servers. ISPs will be in a hurry to provide dual stack in the foreseeable future while server owners will not want to neglect the ”legacy” ipv4 users. So it is more likely that ipv6 only users will need to communicate with ipv4 only servers than the opposite.

Recommended reading:

IPv6 fundamentals: A straightforward approach to understanding IPv6, version 2





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