I’ve passed CCIE written yay!

Folks, i’ve sailed through my CCIE written and the path to my CCIE lab exam is clear. But this is not the time to celebrate because written is just the first part of the exam. At least I know that i’m capable of getting through this madness. And to be honest with you, CCIE is madness, I’m fully aware of that now. Preparing for this exam means constant negotiations (tough ones!) with your loved ones, sleep deprivation, sacrificing social life etc etc. But it’s too late to give up and in fact i’ve never been so determined to keep at this now that I know that there is a way out of this mess. In my case it’s been all the more difficult because i became a father in March then I started a new job in May. In a nutshell, it’s been a brutal and crazy year and I really want it to end.

I’m moving home soon, but I should be ready to start labbing in 2 weeks’ time. I figure I need about 15 months to be ready for the exam. CCIE, i’m coming to get ya.

Another thing i’ve learnt in the last 12 months is that some goals are so big that they leave no room for anything else. I have so many things i’d like to do in the future, like learn French, learn to play the piano, run a marathon etc, but they all need to wait now because I can only find time for my family and CCIE. I will get my life back around March 2019.



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