Today I was playing with IP SLA on the default INE ipv4 topology.

I created the following config on R4:

track 1 ip sla 1 state !!!state is the default value!!!

ip sla 1
threshold 300
frequency 5
ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now

ip route track 1
ip route 2

Then, I imported the Netemu appliance from http://www.bernhard-ehlers.de/projects/netem/index.html and introduced a 600ms delay on the link between R4 and the interconnecting switch.


The result is as follows:

R4#show ip sla summary
IPSLAs Latest Operation Summary
Codes: * active, ^ inactive, ~ pending

ID Type Destination Stats Return Last
(ms) Code Run
*1 icmp-echo RTT=605 Over thresh 5 seconds ago

R4#show track 1
Track 1
IP SLA 1 state
State is Down
1 change, last change 00:00:23
Latest operation return code: Over threshold
Latest RTT (millisecs) 604
Tracked by:
Static IP Routing 0

I love, love, love GNS3.


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