Network fundamentals, unit 2


In unit 1 we planned out the roadmap for our infastructure for a few years to come. Let’s now take a look at the first step: purchasing our first Internet connection.

After some research it turns out that the only choice in Evilcorp’s vicinity is a simple DSL. We sign a 12-month 20mbit/s internet deal and receive the following information from our provider BestISP:

  1. We will provide you with a DSL modem. Use an RJ45 cable to connect our modem to your Cisco router.
  2. On your Cisco router please configure a pppoe dial connection, user evilcorp, password imsoevil

This is what we end up with.



This is what it would look like in real life. DSL modem on the left with the white cable going to the ISP, the greenish cable connected to our Cisco router in the middle. Don’t worry about the server on the right – it’s just to have something connected to our router for now. It could be a PC, a printer, anything really.


In Unit 3 we shall try to configure our Cisco router and test internet connectivity.


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