cisco ios is strange. rip route filtering using distance.


Let’s say we want to filter out one rip route by setting its admin distance to 255. We get this route from two sources so we need two commands:
distance 255 1
distance 255 1
R5#show access-list 1
10 permit (12 matches)


You’d think that you would now see this rip route with admin distance 255. You’re wrong. This is what actually happens:

R5#show ip rip database
(…) is possibly down !!!!! directly connected, Loopback0

R5#show ip route
Routing entry for
Known via „rip”, distance 120, metric 4294967295 (inaccessible)
Redistributing via rip
Last update from on Tunnel0, 00:03:30 ago
Hold down timer expires in 156 secs

!!!and after a while!!!
R5#show ip route
% Subnet not in table

The distance command, when set to 255 does not actually change the distance, but makes the metric high enough so that the route becomes inaccessible.



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