virtualbox adapter + myipaddress function in a proxy pac file interaction


I’m troubleshooting a problem where an entire location (100+ users?) selects a wrong proxy when on wifi. The problem doesn’t exist when they’re using LAN, but it seems that when oracle virtualbox is installed, the card gets a higher priority number so the javascript myipaddress() function returns the ip address of the virtual network adapter instead of the wifi ip address because the operating system thinks that this adapter is the main connection. Despite the fact that the default route is through the wifi interface (!).

So if you have a proxy pac file where your IP address defines your proxy, you might accidentally go right to the end to the ”emergency” proxy, which in my case is on a different continent. US users end up going all the way through the Atlantic to go to the internet.

Will lowering the prio of the virtualbox interface change the proxy selection? i’ll find out on Monday.


I was right! disabling the virtualbox adapter was enough for the browser to start using the local proxy rather than the european proxy. I was really pleased with myself when I saw that.



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