dot1x bug, UNKNOWN auth sessions on cisco 4500


Today I’ve discovered that the infamous dot1x bugs where you can see sessions on interfaces but mac addresses are not visible on interfaces is not limited to supervisor 6 and 7, but also affects supervisor 8 in version 3.6.5a (15.2.2.E5a)


  • looping dot1x sessions (buggy supplicants never giving up)
  • a lot of dot1x clients



lack of mac address on the port, UNKNOWN sessions in show auth session output


After a while your dot1x machines have intermittent connectivity problems, even if you set auth open on the port.
I’ll try upgrading to the 3.6.8.


Btw an upgrade to 3.8.x train requires a rommon upgrade. I wonder how many people forget to read the rommon documentation 😀



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