Asking the right questions… wifi issues


I’ve had a spate of cases recently where not even a single command was needed to solve the problem.

Today a client called me about weak/missing wifi signal in a conference room on floor 2. The problem was that i didn’t have any map so i didn’t know what i was looking for. We called a person onsite who was heading to that building. At the time that person was sure that there was (or had been) an access point there.

On arrival, it turned out that the access point in the hallway near the conference room was nowhere to be seen. What the technician did see was a brand new metal ceiling. Apparently that new metal ceiling was fixed up directly underneath the old ceiling. The access point seemed to be trapped between the two ceilings.

When I asked the technician to connect to wifi, i saw his mac address on another AP on floor 1 instead. It seems that weak signal from floor 1 was leaking to floor 2? Again, we had no way of confirming where both APs were.

Summing up, what do you need to solve cases like this:

  • confidence to ask the right question to the right person even if this means that that person needs to walk/drive to the site
  • preferably a map with rooms and APs marked
  • if you have Cisco Prime then you’re golden because you can see AP channel utilization stats etc. etc.



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