WLC firmwares – with critical bugs


Cisco TAC has recently published versions .9 and .10 of the 8.3.143 software for WLC, which resolve critical malloc failures of a whole range of newer access points in images known as 8.3MR4Esc, bug number https://bst.cloudapps.cisco.com/bugsearch/bug/CSCvm18273

The symptom is clear: users can’t log in using their PSKs, msglog on the WLC says that PSK is incorrect even though users put in the right PSK, while for dot1x users it’s EAP timeouts for M0 or M2 messages etc. Once logged to the AP, you can see that the event log is full of mallocs and tracebacks.

If this happens to you, upgrade as soon as possible. However, it is only possible to get these versions from Cisco TAC. The funny thing is that we only upgraded to, because this TAC version resolved a TACACS vulnerability. #ilovecisco

Apparently the same bugs appear in 8.5.x versions, see the bug details at bugsearch site.


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