Languages, networks, hiatuses etc.

Hello again

I haven’t posted much in the last 12 months for multiple reasons. First of all, around May last year I decided to take a short break from learning about networks and do something different for a while. Also, spending more time with my son felt better than typing in cisco commands. So i did both. I spent way more time with my family and in any spare time I had I was learning French. After a year or so I’m now reading ‚Tous des idiots’ by Thomas Erikson so maybe even my soft skills will improve as a result of my yet another foray into the realm of languages. Being able to speak french is a nice hook to keep you aboard in the network world, too. #linkedinupdate 😀

Anyways, after a year of charging my batteries I feel I can do some network stuff again on top of what i’ve been doing at work. Cisco is revamping its range of exams so once the first books start to come out i’m planning to cover all the new stuff.

BTW it’s 2019 and where’s ipv6? where is it i’m asking? 😉 not in my projects…


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