It’s important to have someone to look up to.


I was watching another video with Jordan Peterson today and I was reminded of how important it is to have an authority figure in your life, someone you can look up to, someone that you can listen to every day. Especially now where the world is changing at a pace never seen before, we are getting a bit lost, and there are many questions that nobody seems to have a good answer to. How to catch up with the changing technology and expectations at our workplace? What is my role in the family that is so unlike the family I was part of as a child? how to keep my life balanced and meaningful? Am I smart enough to get ahead in life or in my job?

A decade ago, back when I started learning about IP networks, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Jeremy Cioara, an amazing instructor from CBTnuggets. But he’s not only that: he can create an atmosphere where you can believe that you can achieve anything you want, that you are capable of achieving your goals, and that your goals are worth fighting for. Once in a while Jeremy will share with you his vision of the world, or he will tell a story about his wife and kids, how he deals with pressure etc., And even though it’s supposed to be strictly about IT, these extra bits and pieces about ”the world of Jeremy” are such a great addition to these courses because then Jeremy becomes a real person, a person that has the same challenges that you have, a person that also deals with the lack of time, with any mistakes he’s made at work etc. And he is able to maintain an unbelievable level of optimism and certain insouciance that makes you feel that this can be indeed the best job you can get because no problem is insurmountable.

For a few years Jeremy’s words were probably nearly 90% of all words that I heard every day as i spent up to 6 hours every day watching CBT. I’m fairly sure that if it hadn’t been for Jeremy, I wouldn’t have achieved that much in such a short period of time. And it would have been much more painful with any other trainer. So if you’re like me, try to browse through a few IT portals with video courses and see if any person in particular comes across as someone that you admire or at least someone you don’t mind watching for very extended periods of time.

So to all Jeremies, Brians and Jordans out there: cheers! You are the leaders of men in the age of technology and fast-paced change.




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