What I do when i don’t do IP


You can totally skip this entry if you’re only interested in networks. It’s just that i’ve met a few new colleages recently who had the impression that I spent my whole life in the cisco world (and this is so not true! i spend the other half in junos 😀 ) so I’ve decided to show that there’s more to me than just the network guy.
So the other part of what I do is that I learn languages and read books in those languages. I’ve developed this system recently where I try to read 4 books in french, 1 in spanish and 1 in german to stop from getting all rusty. (I think i’d like to learn Arabic as well but it’s definitely not a goal for this decade. Maybe 2030-2040).

I don’t use my languages at work every day but I have been able to use my spanish to talk to clients from south america on a number of occasions and it really boosted my relationship with those clients. I use german occasionally and it’s been a massive help in my career because (unsurprisingly) few network people can speak german on a professional level. But overall I learn languages just to be able to read literature. I read really diverse stuff. Books by Graham Greene, Juli Zeh, Sapkowski, Stephen King, hell, i’ve even read 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson lately. Although I don’t have the same drive to read for pleasure as in the past (which may be due to the fact that i read too much for work purposes and my brain is in overload most of the time), i can still manage one book a month. In the past i would have been mortified at sharing this poor(ish) result but times have changed and I’m as close to being proud of that as I can be. I have a full time job, i’m a dad and I still read one book a month. Do you get an ”average-at-all” badge if you’re the best dentist-driver? or the best baker among rock singers? or the most-overweight half-marathon participant ? Jack of many trades, master of none 🙂


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