Cool stuff i’ve found in the new core 300-401 coursebook


I’ve gone through 60% of the book so far (switching, routing, and most of wireless) and I must say it’s a bad book. There’s ton of theory, very little configuration. It may be good as a refresher book just before the exam but I think this approach will just produce paper tigers. But what do i know.

I’ve managed to find some new stuff, though. I’ll keep expanding this. I still have 12 chapters to go.

  1. BGP AIGP – cool stuff, if you have thousands of PEs, and if you’ve grouped them in private BGP AS but for some reason each BGP AS has a different IGP, AIGP lets BGP make routing decisions based on IGP metric.
  2. VRRP v3. This just adds ipv6 support and changes the config to address family config. Nothing fancy.


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