Implementation and verification solutions


I’ve been looking at existing automation solutions for a while now and it seems I have the following options now:


  • netmiko + yaml
  • Unicon (pyATS transport plugin) + yaml.
  • Ansible
  • nornir
  • napalm


  • pyATS
  • netmiko
  • napalm

The problem that I’m dealing at work is that i have a custom bastion that i need to traverse to get to my managed network devices. I will therefore try to implement a few designs (acl add, acl delete, vlan add, vpn add, route add etc.) using each of the implementation solutions, first without and then with the custom proxy. I’ll try to compare the effort to implement and verify. (And yes, I do realize that the final goal should be a continouos integration solution like Jenkins but hey, Rome wasn’t build in a day)





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