Dq support in Cisco pyats

Today just a short entry. I’ve found that it’s much easier to use Dq to get your values from parsed outputs.

This is the traditional, ”complex way” of getting value for the key [‚version short’] of the ”subdictionary” of the main dictionary where the key is [‚version’]

testbed = Genie.init('testbed.yml')
r1 = testbed.devices['R1']
shver = r1.parse("show version")
print('software version is: ' + shver['version']['version_short’])

And this is the cool way: creating a query.

from genie.utils import Dq
from genie.testbed import load

routingTable = r1.parse('show ip route')
['', '', '', '', '']

This could be used to find any values that are below or above some threshold: eigrp neighbors that have flapped recently, ”fresh” BGP routes, spanning tree events etc.


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