Off-topic || Learning Languages

And now for something completely different…
As you might know, I enjoy learning languages (normal languages, not like Python) so I like to read a book once in a while and this is my method of learning (or preserving) other languages. Every 4-5 years i try to learn a new language and then I incorporate it into my reading plan which for 2021 is 6 books in French, 4 books in Spanish, 2 books in German, so every month i try to read one book in one language and next month it’ll be a different language. The bias is towards French at the moment because A: that’s the most recent language I started and i’m still not proficient, B: I use English and German at work so i don’t have to read that much in them.
I started my system back in 1999 when I read my first books in English (I think it was Lord of the Rings and i was well proud of myself) and I kept adding other languages, German around 2007, Spanish in 2010 and French in 2018. I guess i could have squeezed in one more language but i had an interesting career turn between 2009 and 2011 so i kind of spent all my free time for a few years doing Cisco stuff.

Anyways, my ”reading system” works pretty stable now, with the obvious difficulty being finding enough interesting books.
For 2021 i’ve already ticked off one book in French and now I’m reading ‚Le sang des elfes’ now by Sapkowski at a healthy pace of 30 pages a day so i can finish it in around a month. In February I will be reading something in Spanish.
My plan for 2022-2026 will be to start with either Russian or Arabic. I guess that I can still learn these two languages within the next 15 years and then the system might collapse on account of the fact that in order to keep your level at C1/C2, you need to use the language frequently and i don’t think this is doable with more than 5 different languages plus the motivation factor plays a big role. I’ve noticed that it is getting more difficult to find a good reason to keep learning, because spending time with my son is more fun and i’m going to have a daughter now.


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