Playing with Azure VPN gateway


It seems that the whole world is moving to the cloud, so i thought i’d give it a try. I’ve set up a small lab where I’m trying out a range of VPN possibilities with Azure.

I’ve tested so far:

  • ikev2 route-based VPN to Cisco (works!)
  • ikev1 policy-based VPN to cisco with multiple SAs (works!)

I still want to test the ikev2 route-based with traffic selectors, but i need an ios-xe device for that with 16.12 or 17.1+ software if i want to do SVTI on cisco or i will simply do a DVTI tunnel (which accepts multiple SAs by default).

I’ll try to make an overview of the steps when i’m done with the testing. It’s not rocket science, really, in fact i was surprised by how easy it all was.


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