The road goes ever on.

The last few months have been even busier than before. I’m in the process of changing my job, next month my daughter will be born so there’s a few things to do before that date, and i’ve recently taken up learning Arabic because it’s something i’ve always wanted to do. I sort of feel like Indiana Jones when i’m reading that. (edited: dropped that 😦 there was simply not enough time

Anyways, back to technical topics. I’m going to focus on Azure and automation in general from now on. I don’t think i can do a lot of writing this year considering all my life changes but i’ll give it a try. What i want to do right now is think (and read) how companies create a hybrid network. For example, if there’s a traditional DC and a mix of traditional and modern business partners (cloud and non-cloud), how are companies able to scale out their connectivity using as much automation as possible. I hate those excel files with requests for a new vpn, a modification of an old vpn etc. I feel this is the old way of doing things and there must be something better, like an approval-led automated workflow in some cloud tool which can deploy things like this in a matter of seconds.


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